Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Tacoma Condo Maps at King5.com

I ran across another Tacoma Condo Map at King5.com when I was analyzing the sites that are linking to Tacoma Real Estate Market. It is an interesting exercise in the way the web works, sites link to yours that you never even heard of, let alone visited. A large portion of them are spam sites, but even spam sites can have their uses, if you can get past all the pop-ups that is.

This particular site listing was sitting right below a link to my Tacoma Real Estate blog, and since it had a the magical words "Tacoma Condo Map." I decided to check it out.

It is very similar to the Tacoma Condo Map listed at Exit133.com , although highly out of date considering that defunct Tacoma Condo Projects are listed like Chelsea Heights, Hanna Heights, and Old City Hall Condos.

Looks like it was created by a site called Mapbuilder.net , I will have to check it out some day and maybe keep an updated Tacoma Condo Map.

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