Monday, September 18, 2006

Real Estate Market Data

where and who people are getting their data. I just look at the MLS and interpret the data how I feel comfortable with. A realtor can provide you with just about any information you desire, of course it helps if you are a buyer or seller working with them, laugh.

Above are a couple of scans of an Area Market Survery hot from the press (generated from the MLS, you can even see the links at the bottom). I am mainly posting this entry for the prolific debaters from both sides of the argument on the housing forum of Craigslist. For better resolution click on the image then expand it. The first pic is all homes sold in seattle from May 18, 2006 to June 18, 2006. The second is from August 18, 2005 to September 18, 2005. The third is August 18, 2006, to September 18, 2006. Don't ask me why the aren't in order, Blogger put them that way.

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