Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tacoma Condo Map

A couple of years ago, I started reading Exit 133, a local Tacoma blog that is about Tacoma. It's about Real Estate, Politics, the Arts, Urban Development, and the interests of Tacoma readers. Of course, I was interested in the Tacoma Real Estate Market.

One of the more interesting posts, I remeber, was a Google map superimposed with new Tacoma condo developments. You can see the original overlay here. They had a scant pickup of interest and some revision in late 2006 as seen here.

I think it would be fascinating to take this idea and create a heat chart (ala Tulia) and utilize some of the functionality seen on the Tacoma Condo Map, not only detailing locations and websites, but also days on the market, and sales prices.

Who knows maybe we could inject a little life in the Tacoma condo market and get some of these stale units moving and reduce the Tacoma condo inventory. Even if it means a loss for the developers.

Who's with me? Anyone? Anyone?

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